Love Life

Kurtis Lamkin

Kurtis Lamkin is a poet who plays the Kora, a beautiful West African instrument. He has performed at the Apollo Theater, Lincoln Center, Town Hall Theater on Broadway, the Dodge Poetry Festival, Spoleto, and many other venues around the US. His latest recording, “Love Life,” is available at

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El Shabazz - "Rosa Rose "(press album cover to play)

Queen of Carolina - "Man Burnin" (press album cover to play)

Magic Yams - "Good Hands" (press album cover to play)




Suo Nada

 My friends left me with the koto player

her body lithe over the long strings

you can hear her breathing between the polished tones

like the mist at the knees of the mountains

who have laid down by the coast

and spread their thighs where she plays and breathes:


‘tentai, tentai’ 

the sound of her sighing and strumming



The sun dissolves like that crab we scared

in the sandbar. She starts singing,

palm branches jostle over the shacks as if

they have qualms about the 

blade of long blue so cruel beyond  the shoulders of the koto player.


You should see her kimono.

You should come soon and see her kimono.

Red against the blue.







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