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Kurtis Lamkin

Kurtis Lamkin is a poet from Philadelphia who plays the kora and, on this album, the jinjin. As with the kora, the jinjin lends itself to praise songs about endeavors and sacrifices that make healthy societies.

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Kurtis Lamkin is a singular talent of our generation entering his years of mastery. He is an innovator, a storyteller, a musician, a poet and a moral historian who has studied and mastered the kora, a West African bridge harp with twenty-one strings...And in the tradition of Homer he travels the country singing the truth of our history, the hope of our humanity, and the imagination of our community…” - Mark Nepo, NYTimes Bestselling Author of "The Book Of Awakening" and "Surviving Storms"


El Shabazz - Rosa Rose

Queen of Carolina - Man Burnin

Magic Yams - Good Hands




Peace Gods


Following the gods of Peace

the way is well lit:

get everybody's child

everything they need


be way too busy

for war.







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Kurtis Lamkin is a gifted poet and musician from Charleston, SC. He accompanies himself on the kora, a 21-string West African harp/lute built from a large gourd. The sound is rich and beautiful, like an earthy koto or a ukulele multiplied...” - Kathy Collins, actress, storyteller and radio personality at The Buzz 107.5 Maui

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