Love Life

Kurtis Lamkin

Kurtis Lamkin is a poet who plays the Kora, a beautiful West African instrument. He has performed at the Apollo Theater, Lincoln Center, Town Hall Theater on Broadway, the Dodge Poetry Festival, Spoleto, and many other venues around the US. His latest recording, “Love Life,” is available at

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El Shabazz - "Rosa Rose "(press album cover to play)

Queen of Carolina - "Man Burnin" (press album cover to play)

Magic Yams - "Good Hands" (press album cover to play)




Golden Season

 Shoulder my son over dead stalks

feel him up there rocking

a captain taller than we'll ever be alone.


He trips corn rows like a one-man kindergarten

scattering south toward woods senile in far haze

yelping like a harmonica in search of a boot dance.


If I could teach him I would tell him

men are longitude, women latitude

and wherever you stand is the top of the world.


What else can you tell a boy who likes

flying, sparrows, tumbling and being amazed?

You know he's not a herd of palominos

but he thinks he's free.









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